Help for small businesses in disputes

If you’re a small business or family enterprise in a dispute with a client, another business, or the government – did you know there’s an Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman?

Maybe you’re wasting valuable time chasing unpaid invoices… or in a retail lease dispute? The Aust […]

Get the Essential Guide for Tax Treatment of Crypto-Currencies, specifically Bitcoin

Clients are increasingly asking about tax treatment of Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies.

The ATO has provided a guide for Tax Treatment of Crypto-Currencies specifically Bitcoin – essential reading if you have acquired or are considering acquiring Bitcoin – it covers:

* Bitcoin for business […]

8 Essential Links for Starting a Business in Queensland

Starting a business in Queensland? Whether you’re considering being a franchisee or an independent contractor or a company we’ve got you covered with the expertise you need.

Did you know there’s an Essential Handbook for Independent Contractors? And a Franchisee Manual available? Check out the li […]

Checklist – What to bring to your Tax Return Appointment

If you’re coming in soon to discuss your tax return for yourself or your business, come prepared with some records or access to them to help us with the preparation. Being prepared is not only wise, but saves a lot of time and effort for both yourself and us.

If you are a new client it is always […]

Why Kindness Matters in Tax Accounting…

Two months ago when I started at TBC I thought that tax accounting was about numbers, accuracy, ethics and compliance. And yes, it is about those things. They are incredibly important. But what has surprised me over the last two months is that tax accounting is also about kindness, listening and com […]

Thinking about starting a business? Top Tips from ASIC

Thinking about starting a business? Wondering what business structure is the most appropriate for your specific circumstances?

If you’re wondering whether to register your business as a company, sole trader, partnership or trust, have a look at this resource from ASIC. This is general advice only […]

Top 5 ways to pay less tax

1. Capture All Your Deductions

There are certain tax deductions that are permitted for most employees in Australia. More information of these deductions can be found on the ATO website.

We recommend that you are familiar with these deductions and ensure that you and your tax agent […]

Top Tips for Effective Tax Structures

Grab a coffee and your notebook and settle in for some expert advice on effective tax structures – especially if you are a sole trader looking to expand…

For established and growing small business you are likely to outgrow a sole proprietor business/tax structure and be looking at a more sophis […]