Checklist – What to bring to your Tax Return Appointment

If you’re coming in soon to discuss your tax return for yourself or your business, come prepared with some records or access to them to help us with the preparation. Being prepared is not only wise, but saves a lot of time and effort for both yourself and us.

If you are a new client it is always […]

Top Last Minute Tax Planning Tips – 2017 Tax Year End

First, for all of you with a Discretionary Trust … as you know your annual Trust Income Distribution must be implemented before midnight on 30 June. And remember, once 30 June has passed it is too late to make a change!

Make an appointment now to prepare for year end to ensure you have minimised […]

Top Tips for Effective Tax Structures

Grab a coffee and your notebook and settle in for some expert advice on effective tax structures – especially if you are a sole trader looking to expand…

For established and growing small business you are likely to outgrow a sole proprietor business/tax structure and be looking at a more sophis […]

How Is My Super Taxed?

For specific advice that suits your specific circumstances talk to our friendly expert Accountants – simply click here to inquire, ask a question or make an appointment.

Tax on contributions
The amount of tax you pay on contributions into your super depends on how much you contribute and when yo […]

Government announces superannuation reforms

In early September the Turnbull government released the first tranche of Exposure Draft legislation for superannuation reforms announced in the 2016-17 Budget. There has been a federal election in between, but the Turnbull government has finally released draft legislation of five superannuation refo […]

SMSFs and Property Valuations

The requirements for SMSF property valuations can be confusing. This is partly because there are no hard and fast rules. The ATO has produced guidelines but these are open to some interpretation. Factors to consider include the domain expertise of the Trustee, and the expectations of the ATO and F […]

The 5 Smartest Things to do with your tax refund

Having a better financial destiny is an age-old fight with discipline, but a tax refund is a chance to take some steps in the right direction. Follow these 5 tips to build wealth fast.

1. Put it into super

Remember the 70 year old you gets better tax treatment. Unless you are already contribut […]

Tax Return Appointment Essentials – The Checklist

We will work through every allowable tax deduction available for you and /or your business. Don’t forget to ask us what tax incentives are available to you which may work to increase your tax deductions.

Bringing the right documents to your appointment saves time for you and for us and lessens th […]