What is the difference between a Founder of a ‘start-up’ and someone who has just started a small business? Nil. Zip. Nothing. There is NO difference. It’s just that ‘start-ups’ and ‘founders’ sound sexier than ‘small business’ and ‘owners’. It’s just the latest lingo for a lot of sweat and hard work, vision and grit. So, if you’ve just started a small business you are a Founder of a Start Up! That’s exciting! And wait, there’s more 🙂 There’s money to help you succeed….
At the above link you can learn about small business grants in Queensland. Read how to find grants, apply and complete applications, and find out about business support.
This is general advice only and may not suit your specific circumstances. If the idea of getting a grant is too overwhelming for you – time is short when you’re a Founder, right? – there are grants writers in the Redlands who can help you.
We admire Founders of Start-Ups and small business owners and we want you to succeed. Talk to us about your plans – whether to start a business or to grow your current business.
We provide advice on business structures, taxation strategies and a lot more! Your local accountant is more than about writing down your history – we’re about helping you plan to succeed.
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