Two months ago when I started at TBC I thought that tax accounting was about numbers, accuracy, ethics and compliance. And yes, it is about those things. They are incredibly important. But what has surprised me over the last two months is that tax accounting is also about kindness, listening and compassion.

Every week we see new clients who come to us as strangers full of anxiety, overwhelmed by their circumstances. In some cases they have not done a tax return for years and the ATO has been sending threatening letters and fines. What they find when they walk in the door or phone us up, is a judgement-free zone. These clients are greeted with warmth and kindness as we immediately set to work to guide and help them tidy up their tax affairs, so they can resolve the issue and finally cast their anxiety and stress aside.

Over the last two months as I’ve learned my role I’ve been watching the team interact with our clients – how they warmly welcome everyone and work hard to help people from an incredibly wide range of backgrounds with very different needs. I’m really proud of my colleagues because they take such care. Our clients really matter to us.

There are no chatbots or robots here at TBC. What you will find if you call or drop in, are kind knowledgeable humans, who are here to help you. For a confidential discussion about your situation, simply go to

My name is Rachael, and if you drop in for a chat I’ll be there to greet you, and I’ll introduce you to our wonderful team, Jeffrey, Lydia and Jean.…