Tax time can be mind boggling for small business owners. Especially with new tax laws in 2018 and the increasing number of start ups in Queensland meaning many business owners are facing their very first tax time.

So we’re sharing these two fabulous easy to read posters from the ATO to help you at tax time. They’re colour, double sided posters in PDF format with easy to read tips straight from the ATO!

The Small_business_top_questions_at_tax_time_ATO poster answers the following questions for you:-

  • What business income do I need to declare in my tax return?
  • What can I claim for my business at tax time?
  • How can I track my income and expenses?
  • Which tax concessions should I know about?
  • Can I see how my business compares to other businesses?
  • What’s the easiest way I can stay informed?

Small_Business_Tax_Time_Checklist_ATO poster (PDF) provides top tips on the following:-

  • Record keeping
  • Income
  • Expenses and Deductions
  • Deductions for Employers
  • Tax Concessions
  • After you Lodge

Take a moment to check out the posters – easy to read tips from the ATO.  Or, if you’re a business owner and you need assistance at tax time just call us or email by clicking here.  We offer tax, accounting, bookkeeping, we can help with accounting software including initial set up, coaching and ongoing support. We’re here to help you grow.